This open-source productivity tool is a phenomenal collection of individual tools tied into one screen capture and file sharing process. To help capture and document content, it uses hotkeys to get screen capture images, video recordings, text, and many others that can be kept at default settings or user-customized. It allows for the automation of storing that content locally on your computer and/or on a web-based storage service like Google Drive, GitHub Gists, Imgur, and a whole lot more. It also has settings for linking to social media accounts for quick posts of captured content, as well as a growing collection of additional tools like image splitter, image combiner, QR code creator, and several others. Overall, it has a lot of great features in a combined tool. To some, it may seem a bit overwhelming since it does attempt to pack a lot of stuff into a single application, but once the settings are customized to one's liking and some familiarity is gained with it, the tool truly expedites daily workflows and documentation tasks.



Customizable; current setup:


Some preset hotkey registrations may overlap with other tools hotkeys. The following dialog box appeared upon installation and run: