Blueprint Node Library


Event Types

Fired at specific points in time during game play.

Event BeginPlay

Executes once at beginning of play.

Level BP: Executes when play is enacted.

Actor BP: Executes when actor spawns in level, which can vary depending on when triggers spawn the actors during gameplay.

Event ActorBeginOverlap

Executes when actor overlaps another actor during gameplay.

Event Tick

Executes every frame of gameplay.

Can be computationally heavy and may lead to lag in game play since it is executed so frequently. This is also impacted by the actions that are programmed to occur each frame.

Set View Target with Blend

Target: Player Controller

New View Target: Intended Camera


Specify an amount to delay the actions of the event execution.

Duration: In seconds.

Spawn Actor from Class

Triggers a new actor class to spawn.

Class: New actor is to be of an available class type.

Get World Location

Stores position vector of input in world coordinates.

Make Transform

Using input position, rotation, and/or scale vectors, converts into a Transform matrix.

Recommended conversion over the default 'Convert Vector to Transform' since it provides more user control.

Destroy Actor

Target: Defaults to 'self' so that this will destroy the current self actor in which the script is located.


There are several nodes available in BP that offer random values based on data types.

Get Class Defaults

When a class is created with default values for its internal variables, the default values can be called with this node. The available variables will become exposed as outputs to this node when the Class input parameter is specified. This is a quick way of accessing the default values.

Lerp (Rotator)

Relies on an Alpha input value that ranges from 0 - 1.

The Shortest Path Boolean option allows for verifying that the rotation occurs in the correct direction.

Get Overlapping Actors

Returns an array of a specified Class, such as Actors, overlapping the Target Collision component. Note that the first item of the array (0) will always be the target collision 'Actor'.

Verify that all actors intended to interact with collision component have Details > Collision > Generate Overlap Event enabled.

Flip Flop

Sequentially toggle between 2 streams on each incoming stream event.

Get Section From Static Mesh

Static mesh being referenced needs to have General Settings > Allow CPU Access enabled to convert the SM to a Procedural Mesh Component in cooked builds.


This node is accessible at the bottom of the BP list and titled Add Timeline.... It comes equipped with a Timeline Editor that is accessed by double-clicking the node.


  • Update
    • This pin leads to code that is to be executed while the Timeline node is running.
  • Finished
    • This output pin executes after the Timeline node has been completed.
  • Tracks
    • Depending on the track/s created within this node's Timeline Editor, these tracks are populated here as output pins for use in other operations.