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This is a great resource for coordinating one's rigged biped 3D model character with preset animation clips. The Adobe web-based tool Mixamo has a wide collection of animations that are fairly typical, like walking, running, sitting, and many others, as well as a set of animations specific to certain tasks like fighting, dancing, and others. The process of using the tool is quite simple: upload an .obj or .fbx file of the rigged biped (t-pose or a-pose work best), coordinate some key joints in the easy-to-use interface on the website, then search through the animation library to visualize your uploaded character in that specific animation. Exporting the animation is just as simple: select the animation, define the clip of the animation that you want to export or the entire animation length, modify any of the available parameters (speed, arm spacing, head turn, etc.) then download the animation to an .fbx or .dae.

Though I've made some effort to familiarize myself with rigging and animation enough to tackle a few unique poses for projects, this tool has come in handy because it is a streamlined process of many typical animation clips that are suitable for biped characters. One of the main features that I really like about using the tool is the opportunity to visualize the selected animation applied to my uploaded rig within the web-based tool.

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