OD Tools - CopyPaste


Many thanks to Oliver Hotz, Owner of Origami Digital for generating this toolset.

This is a great collection of free scripts intended to streamline content among a variety of tools. The simple copy/paste processes allow for content to move quickly and quite intact, but note that it's not a live link between any two applications. I've found this to be a huge time saver when it comes to quickly seeing some content in another application before continuing to work on it and then eventually moving it through a more structure pipeline like GoZ, Houdini Engine, or other interoperable tool. The documentation notes some caveats about the content's format and the information that it being copied/pasted, namely triangulated meshes with vertices and polygons and some instances of UV maps, morph targets, and materials. The documentation outlines this in much greater detail, as well as the install process of the script in each of the applications. It's pretty amazing to see the collection of tools for which a script has been created, including Maya, 3Ds Max, ZBrush, Unity, Houdini, and many others. I've had a chance to use this in my workflow and have documented a few processes among Rhino, Houdini, and Unity, which are some of the main tools in which I work in. Even though the Unity script works as is, one section of the code is a bit outdated, so I've forked the repository and aim to make an attempt at updating it. I aim to continue exploring the scripts in some of the other tools.

Forked Repo

[WIP] Unity script in base repo needs to be updated with SettingsProvider; PreferenceItem is deprecated.


Houdini > Rhino & Houdini > Unity


Rhino > Houdini > Rhino