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  • Use IsValid to check if pawn is outputting a return value before moving into code in EventGraph of an animBP.
  • Casting is used to communicate between BP.
  • Variables:
    • Make public by toggling eyelid icon from closed to open at the variable in panel
    • Add tooltip changes eye icon color from yellow to green

Node Controls


  • Node info: (CTRL + ALT while hovering over node)
  • Rename node: (Select node + F2)
  • Create branch: (B + Left click)
  • Add variable to graph: (ALT + Left drag variable from panel to graph)
    • This creates a Set node
  • Add component to graph: (CTRL + Left drag component from panel to graph)
    • This creates a Get node
  • Disable node: (Right-click node > Disable)
    • To enable feature: Editor Preferences > Allow Explicit Impure Node Disabling