This website is a prime location for a variety of resources that range throughout many design industries, from game and film VFX to architecture and mixed reality development. It's a log of daily news, articles, showcases, current events, and other industry-related highlights. One of the facets that really captivates me is the inclusion of articles that showcase the work of industry artists and developers, interviewing them on how they got into the industry, work through challenges, and impart advice to other artists and developers. Many of these articles turn out to be very inspiring to me personally since they share many similarities yet demonstrate the value of persistence, hard work, and continuous learning.

This website is also my go-to resource for keeping up with the latest tools and updates. With as many tools are used in the industry, it can be challenging to keep up with each of them individually, so this site is a great place to get quick updates on the latest developments. There are also some discussions in the comments section of each article which expand on the topics, but also provide a venue for participants to share any additional information that may not have gotten into the articles. Overall, though, I have found this site to be a great resource of current industry-related topics.