Supporting Libraries / Dependencies

To work with matplotlib, verify that the Python environment has the supporting libraries installed either via pip or through the Anaconda distribution, which should install them as part of the matplotlib package automatically.

Required Libraries:

  • cycler
  • freetype
  • kiwisolver
  • libtiff
  • lz4-c
  • matplotlib-base
  • olefile
  • pillow
  • tk
  • xz
  • zstd



Matplotlib has a basemap extension that can be used for static geographical plotting, though plotly is better suited with its interactive opportunities with geographical plotting.


Magic Functions

The following magic function is used to interact with Matplotlib plots within an IPython-supported notebook, such as the Jupyter kernel (Python shell), which uses IPython as its backend. Basically, it displays plots 'inline' within the notebook.

%mtaplotlib inline


In other cases, the following would be called to display a plot


Plot Look Dev

Legend Location Codes:

Named Color Codes:

Line Style Reference:

Marker Symbol Codes:

Quick Reference


The gallery (Example) section of the website includes many examples of graphs and relevant code to generate them.