Notion Workspace


Over the years, I've explored a wide range of tools for documenting my notes, research, resources, images, events, etc., some of which include Airtable and Evernote. But in my exploration of Notion, I've really been drawn to its flexible structure as a database. It reminds me a lot of my experience in using Microsoft Access, MySQL, as well as Airtable, but I see Notion catering to a more visual presentation of the data. So while the underlying structure is a database, the presentation is more like a website that looks like a Bootstrap framework. In fact, my current website is basically a reflection of my notes system that I work on daily. Another really great part of the Notion community of users is the sharing of templates that anyone can use for their own organizational setup. It's really cool to see how diverse the tool can be used by checking out the templates.

Ultimately, for me, the true beauty of the database structure that Notion offers is that each piece of information is a single data entry. This could be a single line of text, a video, quick note, an entire page, or one of the many other media that Notion supports. And as each data entry evolves with new or more content, they can be quickly reconfigured and sorted by simply dragging-and-dropping them from location to location. It also supports a large number of other applications that can be embedded within, such as videos, InVision prototypes, Miro whiteboards, GitHub pages and code snippets, as well as many others that I have yet to check out.